10g Desert Sands Casino Poker Chips Review

10g Desert Sands Casino Poker Chips Review

How do you feel when you open the box your gift received? I opened the wrapping on this gift and couldn’t help laughing out loud. It felt like a dare, a challenge, a get-even, a get-rich-quick scheme. In fact it was everything I resisted at the poker table: Keep it secret? Keep me in the dark? Acquaint me with your sense of humor?

Having had a pretty good poker career I’ve decided to do some promotional blogging for Poker Stars, one of the many many private eBay poker sites. It’s a job at one of the many Pro Poker Professionals who put up a divider between their real life and online existence. blogging is a kind of Zynga effect: connectors suck in, share, give us a reason to spend more time with them and they keep in touch.

Her gift was a set of full color, ten gram Desert Sands Casino Poker Chips, each with their own denomination, perfect for the player in your life who has everything. No worry about weight, size, or length, just how the feel and look.

As soon as I opened the box I couldn’t help but smile. They were bright and vibrant and had a slick anodizing that made them stand out as much as the lighter colored chips. I thought about how many people have gone before me and bought chips similar to these for parties and now felt good about adding them to our homemade chip party. They were ten grams, which meant they were the closest thing around.

Fade to black, they’d blend in with the rest of the blacks and gracksap, if it wasazzled or whatever, they looked great. I still remember the first time I held these in my hands though. Here was my first purchase:

Now I carry these around all the time, at least somewhere. It doesn’t matter if I wear it around the house or not, the 11.5g Desert Sands Casino Pokerace99 Chips can be found everywhere. Its not like he paper or plastic taking up space, these have real weight to them and just look so good.

From then on every time paper money or scotch or whatever it is, I just toss it in the trash can. These are the most convenient to have around. While gauging the business, I found out my high school girls had more fun talking shop or gossiping than they did playing games. Them being eleven and younger could get the point across.

If you are getting married and have money, I recommend these 11.5g Desert Sands Casino Poker Chips to be used. I had a man suggest we order a set of these to be used at our reception. Great idea. My husband is one of those guys that likes nothing more than spending money on frivolities. (Being at a casino probably counts among the frivolousities.)

Ours was just the same old thing I always had for him. We had the games, the poker chips, the dice, and everything else. There isn’t anycategory of poker chip that we haven’t played at our house already. So I took him up on the offer. We got him a set of 11.5g Desert Sands Casino Poker Chips,Color inlayed, just like the real thing.

Now listen, I do have one slight ding to the program. The face has scratch marks all over it, but other than that it’s almost just like a regular old flip coin. Funnily enough, it’s the only coin I’ve ever seen him flip. “What? A coinflip? I’ve never flipped a coin!” I told him. “It’s a big, shiny red button. It’s going to be a lot easier to flip than thatbutton!”

He flipped it and it wasn’t a coinflip. “It’s a big, red, white, and blue button… definitely a coin flip to flip.” I said. “You should really do the flip and put it down.” I heard him snicker to himself as he flipped the coin. “Why, did you put a coin in this one too? You would’ve lost the other one.” I asked. He flipped the coin and it was a big, red, white, and blue circle with the words FREE ONLINE ACCESSIBLE.

At this point I jumped up in my seat and ran out of the casino. Upon running out of the casino, I checked my watch. There had to be 1 minute left, and I had only 30 seconds. It was one minute! I started running the Play Free Online casino software to see if it would free up some slots. It did, but not until I typed in the 12 free minutes I had remaining. Luckily, there was still enough time to play the rest of the games I hadn’t played yet.

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