How to Do Horse Racing Bidding Masterfully

How to Do Horse Racing Bidding Masterfully

Making money on horse racing isn’t impossible but if you are managing your money correctly, you can save yourself a lot of money and agonising over losing bets.

Money management is a concept that most of the horse racing lags behind many other forms of betting, it is simply because you can’t accurately judge the outcome of a horse race the way you can with football or darts. horse racing is a particularly nasty example of this as the horses’ prices are largely dependent on the market and any one horse can have a fabulous price, but their actual chances of winning a race are oftensquandered.

  1. Costly mistakes.

Stick to an overall percentage of your bankroll for each type of bet and take out money for nothing else but betting on horses. Percentage money management discipline is theBasics of bankroll management and it is very easy to make money on horse racing provided you have the time, desire and ideally have some cash to spare.

  1. Many Punters Think They Need to Be Good at Money Management.

This is the main reason why, even though many successful punters have developed successful money management systems, many still neglect this most basic of principles. It is true that bookmakers can and do regularly tweak the price to push out losing bets, but they do so because by doing so they grip the bets in such a way that will always see them fall within the desirable ambit ranges for the ends of the day.

Bookmakers tweak the prices in order to try to balance the money, but they do it in such a way that will see most every bet fall into the desired range. It is screamingly obvious that if you deviate from the guaranteed outcome range you will lose.

This is the underlying reason why it is effectively impossible to beat bookmakers. You can’t because your own psychology will not allow you to bet within the ideal outcome range!

  1. Some Punters Think They Can Beat the Money Line.

The most frequently employed theories about betting on horse racing include things like, you can’t beat the money line, you can’t beat the draw, you can’t beat the odds, you can’t beat the handicap… the list goes on. All of these propositions are complete rubbish.

The horse betting price is determined by a complex formula based on the weight of money being wagered, factors such as the track performance, weight of the draw, Pengeluaran Hk 6d etc.

The price is set by the particular weight of money being wagered on each horse. This formula is normally a complex calculation, made on numerous individual bets. Nevertheless, regardless of how well you may read the information on any one wager, if the horse price is fixed by a mathematical process you can’t win because you are depending on a price set by another process. In that case what you mayDIYand probably foolishly think, is that you can bet the price won’t go up. If you believe that, you can’t win.

Find the best system for betting the horse prices. Whatever system you use, make sure it is not a complex calculation based on multiple bets. For example, see if you can make simple addition calculations without doing mental calculations or threatening to bust your computer.

If you try to do the calculations by hand, for every number you pick, keep the answer in mind and the next time you make the calculations, you will get the same or better information.

Improve your handicapping and betting skills. When you make a new wager, you can already see if you need to increase your stakes. If you think you will win, bet more. If you don’t think you will, bet the same.

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